Results of long-term influence
of the pyramid on person with Hepatitis C
The peculiarity of indirect bilirubin is that it moves to healthy cells and damages them, disrupting normal functions. With the increase of this substance in the blood, the color of the skin changes. Yellowing of the skin occurs with hepatitis or other blood diseases. The normal indicator of total bilirubin should be 8.5-20.5 μmol/l.

The patient with hepatitis C will have the rates be above the norm. Indicators can exceed the norm several times, depending on the stage of the disease and its progression.

The patient with the disease Hepatitis C was Male, 67 years old.
Results of blood tests before the sessions in the pyramid:
On January 11, 2017, the concentration of total bilirubin in the blood was 21.60 μmol/L, exceeding the norm.
March 23, 2017 - already 29.80 μmol/liter, even more than the norm.
Results of blood tests after the first course in the pyramid (15 days) and use of the "Wands of Ra" (
May 15, 2017 18.5 μmol/l., which fits in the normal indicators of a healthy person.