Hermes Trismegistus
(The Thrice Greatest)
"The world that lies beneath corresponds to the things that are placed above;
and the world above corresponds to the one beneath
to implement a common energy miracle. This gives rise to all sorts of devices, the method of which is as follows…"


• The heritage study of ancient civilizations, analysis of the influence of ancient technogenic structures on the human body and energy-ecological environment thereof, followed by the results systematization of ancient technologies (paleotechnology) research to obtain qualitatively new technologies and scientific disciplines in the field of medicine and public health;

• Establishing the database, followed by the information processing upon the new scientific ideas and medical technologies;

• Technical devices development and constructions design, making a positive influence on organic and inorganic nature objects, affecting the restructuring and adjustment of energy structure among biological objects, as well as stimulating internal energetic, biophysical, physiological processes of the human body and improving environment energy;

• Implementing projects of the organization into everyday life.

Our key features

Construction of pyramids
Design and construction of individual pyramids, pyramid complexes for cities and cottage settlements
Detection of geological faults ("Places of power")
We provide an opportunity to pinpoint the presence of tectonic faults in the area where you are going to build energy structures
Energy systems for buildings
Creation of energy systems for apartments, cottages, office buildings, swimming pools, halls for yoga and meditations, SPA and gyms, healing centers and medical institutions, massage therapist and healer's rooms
Healing sessions
We organize healing sessions and treatment courses on the base of our 13-meter pyramid in the purpose of recuperation and familiarization with pyramidal technologies
What you'll get
Every day we are working to make life and job
of our clients better and more effective
Your own "Place of power"
Home or workspace get transformed into an energetically active area, which energy flows are strengthening the immune system, slowing down aging processes, stimulating creative activity and increasing efficiency
Increasing the effectiveness of the procedures and practices
Your cabinet and meditation hall will be a place of deep emotional and physical discharge. Here everything is created for physical perfection and spiritual growth. Amplify the body treatments (osteopaths, massage therapists, yoga instructors, etc.) and prolong the outcome over time
Your family and community under strong protection for centuries
Ownership of a large-sized modern pyramid will allow you and your family to have an excellent health for whole generations and make a serious and safe step on the path of spiritual development, acquiring special abilities, possessed by very few people
Our core team
Specialists in different subjects with many years of experience have teamed up to turn theory into practice
Boris Kiselev
Pyramid headmaster
Builder, researcher
Owner of the St.Petersburg pyramid
Oleg Novikov
Pyramid ideologist
Historian, researcher
Author of the St.Petersburg pyramid
Michael Eliseev
MAAT Foundation headmaster
Journalist, researcher
Svetlana Kravtsova
Clayrvoiant department headmaster
Bioenergy specialist

Watch our videos

The experiments on the topic of the short-term influence of the pyramid on the human body. The participants of the reportage are visitors, geophysicists, and bioelectrography specialists
Before deciding to build your own pyramid, we recommend you to visit the pyramid near Saint-Petersburg and understand all required conditions
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Wands of Ra and accessories
Home & office pyramids and energy installations
Pyramid sessions and treatment courses
Aura diagnostics
Clairvoyant consulting
Places of power detection
Pyramids construction and more…
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