The influence of pyramid water
on the coagulatory system of the blood
Haematological Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences

In order to study the influence of water exposed in a pyramid on the coagulatory system of the blood we carried out a study of the influence of this substance on certain coagulatory parameters in vitro using donor blood as well as standard normal and pathological (reduced level of coagulatory factors) lyophilised human plasma and lyophilised pathological human plasma deficient in factor VIII. Besides this we made a study of pyramid water in vivo, in an experiment with rabbits.

Data on 20 patients was analysed. In all cases, even in patients with very low indices close to zero, after the administration of 1ml of the 40% glucose solution the ISI rose substantially practically to normal levels. The same happened after the external application of 1ml of water that had been exposed in the pyramid.

Professor A.G. Antonov