Anti-stress and stimulating
effect of the pyramid
The Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics

Studying the influence of the pyramid liquors on animals under stressful conditions revealed that the effect of the liquors from the pyramid produces a pronounced anti-stress effect. Application effect of the pyramid shape optimizes thymic cellularity (one of the indicators that characterize the immunological status of the organism), not allowing him to "fall down" in an aging body.

For periods of between 3 and 21 days a 10% solution of table salt that had been exposed in a pyramid was added to mice's daily drinking water and three times a week the animals were dipped in the same solution. A control group of mice were dipped in ordinary water and given a 10% solution of salt that had not been exposed in a pyramid to drink. It is important to note that this experiment employed the principle of blind control: the laboratory staff assessing the condition of the mice did not know which group had been given the pyramid salt and which the ordinary salt.

It emerged that the solution from the pyramid considerably reduces the effect of stress. The indicator of this was the quantity of lymphocytes in the thymus gland, which is known to fall sharply with stress. The mice that had drunk the salty water from the pyramid and been dipped in it showed almost nosign of stress.