The acidity levels of the pyramid
and the influence on liquid structure
It should be noted that the changes in acidity (pH value) of the water without any chemical interaction with the surrounding environment observed during the experiments were exclusively due to the change in the internal energy of the pyramid system. Research carried out in the St.Petersburg research laboratory of the RADIANT company showed for the first time in the world the existence of several zones of energy concentration within the pyramid that have different characteristics.

Experiments convincingly demonstrated that both dry and liquid medicines exposed in the pyramid tend to increase immunity. Ordinary or mineral water, juices, oils and decoctions of medicinal herbs processed in the pyramid became very effective in the treatment of ulcers, gastritis and other disorders of the digestive tract and urinogenital system when these are in an active phase.

The results of experiments suggest that the mini-pyramid has a corrective effect on any medicinal preparation (the crystal lattice of dry items and the molecular structure of liquids), while the use of medicines that have been processed in the pyramid encourages a rise in the immune status.

Apart from medicines, creams and ointments processed in the upper level furthered the disappearance of skin irritations, suppressing the activity of harmful bacteria. Established that such effect is linked with the acidity exaltation in consequence of alkali decrease (pH value declines) of the water located in the upper area.

Everything placed at the lowest level encouraged the healing of minor wounds, activated the regeneration of skin tissue, had a positive effect on superficial blood-vessels and much else. The water from the lowest level of pyramid becomes alkaline (pH value rises), its electrical conductivity increases. Such water promotes cell division, growth of various tissues in living bodies and wound healing.

Thereby the liquids consumed after their exposure in the pyramid have a pronounced onco-repellent and antiviral influence.


What is Alkaline Water?

The pH, or potential hydrogen, scale runs from zero to fourteen, with 7 as the neutral middle. An acid is a substance with a pH of less than 7. A basic or alkaline substance has a pH of greater than 7.

Your tap water is generally a mixture of chlorine and metals that are going straight into your system. Impure water can cause a weakened immune system and an array of other illnesses that occur when the immune system is vulnerable. Many time our bodies become too acidic, we feel low energy, fatigue, digestive issues, weight gain and other side effects that are completely avoidable just by drinking pure water and eating fresh organic vegetables with a healthy acid/alkaline balance.

Importance of Alkalinity

We have known from century that food can determine our overall pH levels. Dr. Otto Warburg of Germany 1931 Nobel Prize winner discovering that up to 95% of all cancers have acidic environment as the cause behind them. He also showed that cancers cannot thrive in an alkaline environment where the pH level is 7.36 or more.

He claimed almost a century ago that acidosis (excess acidity) is not only connected to development of cancer, it could also cause other diseases like osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease and almost all other chronic diseases which we suffer from nowadays.