Sizes available: 36-46 EU
Leather insoles with copper and zinc inserts for balancing lower chakras and organs, as well as the maintaining general tone of the body
Sizes available: 36-46 EU
Leather insoles with copper and zinc inserts for balancing lower chakras and organs, as well as the maintaining general tone of the body


The insoles with copper-zinc inserts is a natural tool that involves the mechanisms
provided by human nature
In the process of using an insole with copper-zinc inserts a potential difference between the right and left sides of the body is created, which leads to activation of the interaction of Yin-Yang energy flows in the body and harmonization of the human energy system. In this case, the body does not resist this kind of influence and does not reject it. It is a consequence of the natural processes taking place in it. The self-correction of the energy field happens, that allows it to harmonize it. On the physical plane these processes enhance immunity and improve the state of the vascular system.
The use of galvanic effect is known for a long time both in technology and in medicine - from Sumer to China. With microcurrents and their favorable effects, the ancient Egyptians were also familiar. They used the electricity produced by stingrays to treat headaches and nervous disorders.

Studying the medical literature, many researchers managed to find confirmation of the curative power of electric current from 0,8 to 1,4V. This is approximately the same range that could produce a battery found in 1937 during excavations at Baghdad archaeological expedition led by G. Kaiser, known as "Baghdad battery"

Moreover, near the battery, ritual objects and amulets were found, which are known to have been widely used in the ancient world as ordinary medical instruments. Such a coincidence can not be pure accident, and most likely is an indication that the Baghdad battery was used for medical purposes.

It is the study of the results of these excavations in the context of knowledge of modern oriental medicine (acupuncture of the foot) that led to the idea of creating galvanic insoles.

To correct the violations in the human body that occur as a result of the imbalance of the Yin-Yang streams forming the energy system, the idea of using the mechanism of insoles of the following kind lies.


Galvanic insoles are made of different types of leather and contain copper and zinc plates for the right and left legs respectively. When they are used, a potential difference is created, where the electrolyte is the natural release of the sweat glands located on the human foot. Thus, natural natural electrolysis with microcurrents occurs.

- As a result of the influence of our "Yin-Yang" galvanic insoles, an energy increase of the organism can be noticed by the user;

- As a consequence, blood circulation is activated primarily in the lower limbs and also to a certain extent in the genital area and lower back;

- The systematic use of insoles with copper-zinc inserts improves the condition of organs with abnormalities and corrects pathologies associated with circulatory disorders;

Copper-zinc insoles activate natural mechanisms, providing an effective therapeutic effect on the body and the human energy system. They are intended for men and women, being a unique and effective means of increasing working capacity, general tone, prevention and treatment of diseases of the legs, genitourinary system, circulatory disorders of the pelvis, lower spine, arising from age-related changes, metabolic disorders, injuries, overloads and circulatory disorders, as well as for the normalization of blood pressure

Healing action

In addition to what was said above,
the insoles are recommended for prevention and treatment:
Osteochondrosis, arthritis, polyarthritis and arthrosis of the legs;
Prostatitis, some forms of impotence, dysfunction of the ovaries;
Problems associated with varicose veins, circulatory disorders;
Pinching of nerve endings, intervertebral hernia;
Lethargy and reduced efficiency;
Unstable arterial and intracranial pressure;
Also the copper-zinc insoles
are an effective tool for:
Removal of pain and withdrawal of excess salts in osteochondrosis;
Removal of pain and swelling in the intervertebral hernia;
Treatment of impotence (caused by circulatory disorders);
To accelerate the recovery of bone tissue in fractures;
Relieve tension from the muscles of the legs;
Increased sexual activity;
Stimulation of the adrenal glands;
Increase of tone;
General activation of blood circulation;
Improvement of lymph flow;
Normalization of blood pressure;
Fight against fungal leg formations;
Strengthening the immune system;
Correction and restoration of bioenergetics;
Increase the tone of the muscles of the uterus;
Prevention of the formation of adhesions in the organs of the small pelvis;
In pregnant women, the use of insoles activates the blood supply of the small pelvis;
This is important because the blood supply to the fetus and internal organs of the mother is worsened by the constant pressure of the growing fetus on the circulatory system of the lower part of the pelvis, which negatively affects the health of the pregnant woman.
The insoles with copper-zinc inserts are intended for men and women for everyday wear. Insoles can be put in any shoes that are convenient for you. You can use the insole even at night, putting them in socks.
Time of application of insoles is unlimited

It is not recommended to use insoles after taking (especially at night) strong tonic drinks, such as coffee, as well as alcoholic beverages (above 30 degrees, as this will be accompanied by an excessive increase in tone, which can lead to a state of overexcitation and vivacity not leaving before the morning

- it is not recommended to use insoles with copper-zinc inserts in severe forms of thrombophlebitis;
- in no case you SHOULD use insoles for hemophilia;
- with stroke and infarction (it is possible only with the prevention of these diseases and in the process of rehabilitation of these diseases)

with copper and zinc inserts
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This is the first store that sells products that have been processed for a long time in a modern healing pyramid, built according to the ancient egyptian canon.
All the goods undergo 12-day cycles of exposure in the large pyramid of Novikov-Kiselev near Saint-Petersburg. This gives them special properties and enable them to attune themselves quickly and deeply to the human organism. This pyramid is working the third 4-years cycle (since 2008) and is most powerful one on the planet
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