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The Pyramid.Solstice
This is a summer camp for kids and teens 10-17 years old. It is located on the Adriatic sea in the small coastal village of Pakoštane among pine trees forest and in 10 minutes from the city boat station. Each camper will be welcomed with open arms and exciting activities!
Your own "Place of power"
Home or workspace get transformed into an energetically active area, which energy flows are strengthening the immune system, slowing down aging processes, stimulating creative activity and increasing efficiency
Increasing the effectiveness of the procedures and practices
Your cabinet and meditation hall will be a place of deep emotional and physical discharge. Here everything is created for physical perfection and spiritual growth. Amplify the body treatments (osteopaths, massage therapists, yoga instructors, etc.) and prolong the outcome over time
(вместе с ЖР)
Your family and community under strong protection
Ownership of a large-sized modern pyramid will allow you and your family to have an excellent health for whole generations and make a serious and safe step on the path of spiritual development, acquiring special abilities, possessed by very few people
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